Emma and Violet!

Hi, sorry its been so long since the last posts!  I have had my hands full with these two new additions to our Family!! Well I better update you fully on whats happened. The pups have had a wonderful time they are now 14 weeks old exactly! Below I will post some pics of them growing up. Our dear Emma (the red and white) has left on a exciting journey from Nelspruit to Cape town. She is going to be living with Lily’s aunt Di Peterson, and she is going to meet loads of new dogs at DoggyDaycare plus a big bullterrier named Fred, he will be living with her!

And our dear Violet (the tricolour) she is going to live with us (just another bully to add to this mad house, but you got to love them ❤ )

On other things I would like to give a shout out to my dad, Duncan. Love Ya!! ❤ xxxxxxxx

and for everyone who loves dogs i’ll Be here at iLabrador 😀

Beautiful VioletPhotographed by Duncan Butchart

Beautiful Violet
Photographed by Duncan Butchart

EmmaPhotographed by Duncan Butchart

Photographed by Duncan Butchart

Our Dear Emma Photographed by Duncan Butchart!

Our Dear Emma
Photographed by Duncan Butchart!

VioletPhotographed by Lily Butchart

Photographed by Lily Butchart

Violet and EmmaPhotographed by Lily Butchart

Violet and Emma
Photographed by Lily Butchart

Alternative shot of Emmaphotographed by Lily Butchart

Alternative shot of Emma
photographed by Lily Butchart

Our wonderful friend Catherine and EmmaPhotographed by Lily Butchart

Our wonderful friend Catherine and Emma
Photographed by Lily Butchart

3 paws up! VioletPhotographed by Lily Butchart

3 paws up! Violet
Photographed by Lily Butchart

Violet melting your heartPhotographed by Duncan Butchart

Violet melting your heart
Photographed by Duncan Butchart


Fresh Starts

On New Years Eve Lily, Tracey and Tsa Tsa dashed off to the vet! There was only one thing on my mind Puppies, why else would they go? Duncan kept getting calls and all that I could make out was that it was a false alarm. Then… The phone rang Duncan rushed to pick it up and I heard Lily’s voice she seemed a bit tense. She said ” we did a quick scan and the puppies heartbeat is slow, we are going to have to have emergency caesar.” I was pacing around what was to happen. Next thing I know they are home Lily is carrying a weird basket and as I peek in while greeting her I see two healthy puppies a Tricolour and a red and white. I was later told that they were both females sadly I have not yet met them fully as Tsa Tsa wants them to be able to walk, see and hear before they meet Lola, Oli and Me. So Exciting! On another note what do you think of the 2013 new look?

Christmas and Puppies

Tsa TsaHello sorry I have been off for a while.

But I do have some great news our little dog Tsa Tsa! 

Is Pregnant it all started quite a while ago and now she is on day 59 of day 63 we are due to have two miniature Bullterrier Puppies on the second of January 2013!

What a way to start the New Year.

Anyway I wanted to talk about christmas and wonderful presents we all got this year Santa Paws delivered a special gift card for my favourite dog shop and Julia is going to top me up so I can get a toy I have been wanting it a little soft plush Robin.

will update you closely on the happening of our precious Tsa Tsa :-).

P.S. Below are some pics of the Pups
TsaTsa two pups Tsa Tsa 2 pups

5th of November 2012

My Birthday PlatterToday is my 5th birthday!!!! 🙂
I can’t believe I am half a decade old.
Today was fabulous, unfortunately Julia had to go to school today and she had athletics after school so she only got home at three thirty 😦
But when she got home she climbed in her blow up boat and we floated in the swimming pool and now she is cooking me a hot scrumptious dinner. She put in chopped up fish (My favourite!) she also made a tower wall of biscuits on the rim of my PLATTER. She then made a moat of milk and cooked it was Divine and I am looking forward to next year!


Now I know you are expecting to here about the next part of my life but I thought I would skip forward for this special blog.

Well on the 12th of October 2012 Julia left!! I was worried because she did not come back with her parents and everyone seemed a bit down. Nobody told me what was going on! This was definitely not like school. But, today I got long SMS about that she is doing fine and asked me to tell you all about her travels 🙂

Well she went to France and she said it was stunning all the most amazing places and she went to London. In London she went to Hamelys, that is like the most impressive toy shop in the world!!!! In London she also saw Big Ben and got to the top of the London eye!

I will update you with more when she actually comes home. She told be she will be landing after a 10 hour flight in Johannesburg at seven am but I will only see her four hours later! But at least I will see her later
P.S I think she might have got me something!!!

But back to the story half the time it turns out she was at school.
She went to a school named Ashford
and made lots of new friends! She also said that in ASHFORD she found a special stone for one of our doggy friends 🙂

I look forward to seeing Julia again
and Julia if you are reading this then good luck for your trip home and I can’t wait to see you when you get home ❤

My 1st birthday

DSC0924Along runOn November 4th (the day before my birthday) I was put in a car with the whole family and travelled for a WHOLE 10 hours!! for a dog that is super long. 🙂

When we finally stopped it was at a lovely house in Mtunzini. But I didn’t  have much time to explore as it was nighttime, I could not wait till tomorrow. At 6:00 sharp I was awake and ready, turns out this whole trip was planned for me and today I was going to swim in the see for the first time. At 8:00 I was not given breakfast but doggy cake instead ( Now this is for all those human readers who don’t know the DOG CODE!! A doggy cake is: said paragraph 46, line 32 that a doggy cake must be prepared in these specifications: … wait actually I am not going to tell you because you probably wont understand) anyway Julia did not know the doggy cake rules as I was given a completely different cake but it still tasted D E L I C I O U S but it was time for the beach.We drove for a few minuets and then we were there the water was the best, the sand the softest and everything was perfect!!

My Bull Terrier friends

On the 1st of March 2008. Yes that was a sad day… My companion Bela the bullterrier aged 14 was taken to our local vet West acres and put down, sadly I was their to experience it! It turned out, that on her holiday in december (before I arrived) she got bitten by tick and was given a very bad case of Bilary. Our wonderful vet tried as hard as he could to save her but the disease had been around to long and seemed that no one could have saved her! 😦      So please send your R.I.Ps to her in dog heaven.

On a good note,DSC07949_2 DSC07626_2 later on in the year on the 25th of June a  new member of our family arrived, Lola. She is a Miniature bull terrier from Cape Town. She is so tiny that when she came out of the car I honestly believed she was a guiniea  pig but that was soon cleared up, she is probably the same size as my head! After a while I got to know Lola of course it was not easy as she is still a tiny puppy. I must say what I noticed is she has an incredible liking to balls she carries one, she barks with one (in her mouth), she obviously chewes one she almost does everthing with one. The only thing she will drop her ball for is Fruit she is a COMPLETE frugivore it is amazing!! (bananas are her favourites)